Painting of Alfons Saura himslef

Alfons Saura

Alkmaar 1946

Alfons Saura i Llorens was born in the city of Alcoy in 1929. He received a scholarship from the Provincial Council of Alicante and he moved to Madrid, to study art at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando.

Alfons Saura completed his studies in Rome, in the Spanish Fine Arts Academy, an annex to the San Fernando School of Arts, created by the Spanish politician Emilio Castelar. Then he travelled to Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands where he made important improvements in his artwork.

Alfons Saura: Artwork and Techniques

Painter and etcher, Alfons Saura artwork is made by portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Although his expression is mostly figurative, his style is versatile and includes precise and academic drawing, but also some chromatic values and surrealistic approaches. This is the key of his balanced artwork.

Alfons Saura has exhibited his paintings in Italy, Germany and Africa, and he is one of the most appreciated painters of the Alicante province in Spain, where he has thrown up some important exhibitions with other local artists in Alcoy. He has also participated in the VIII National and Provincial Painting Contest of the Provincial Council of Alicante, obtaining a Silver Medal in the Provincial Contest for his work entitled «Landscape», as well as participating in other outstanding art exhibitions.

Alfons Saura Original Paintings

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  • Cresilas painting by Alfons SauraOut of stock
  • His son the conductor painting by Alfons SauraOut of stock
  • Saura I painting by Alfons SauraOut of stock
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