Picture in black and white of Ferenc Gogos smocking a cigarette on a terrasse

Ferenc Gogos

Rotterdam 1894 - Den Haag 1973

Ferenc Gögös, was born in Budapest but he came to the Netherlands in 1957. He started studying painting and graphic arts in the Academy of Arts in Arhem.

Ferenc Gögös thought that image should be able to replace the language, so he included recognizable images from people, animals or trees, for example.

Primitive Paintings

By mixing recognizable representations of reality with geometrical signs, we see in Ferenc Gögös paintings some inspiration in primitive art, like prehistoric paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphs or pre-Columbian representations, which show a great symbolism.

His bright use of colours, typical from pop art, and the combination of signs, darts, zigzags and straight lines in paintings show his great sensibility for materials and colours.

Ferenc Gögös has frequently exhibited in both the Netherlands as well as foreign countries, amongst others in Arnhem, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Ghent, Budapest, Nishinomya and Kyoto (Japan), South Korea, California and Ohio (USA) and at the art fair in Basle.

Gögös works are included in numerous art collections in, amongst others, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Germany, the USA, Hungary and Australia.

Ferenc Gogos Original Paintings

  • Wintertuin (1998) painting by Ferenc Gogos
  • Signs in blue painting by Ferenc GogosOut of stock