Justo Amable Garrote

1966 La Habana Cuba

Cuban painter Justo Amable Garrote. 1966 La Habana Cuba, Born on 1966, his fantastic detailed paintings are exhibited in the top galleries in Cuba and the Caribbean. The main focus of his work is migration, “where I am and where I would like to be”, “what I have and what I can lose”. His conclusion is that people always need something. No matter how many things we achieve, we will never fulfill that need. Fruits are recurring elements in his paintings and represent the only real need: food

Justo Amable Garrote Original Paintings

  • Si lo piensas, lo tienes painting by Justo Amable
  • La migracion aun painting by Justo Amable
  • No eres hipnotizable aun painting by Justo Amable
  • Papaya Habana painting by Justo Amable