Romero Britto

Brazil 1963

Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist, painter and sculptor which combines elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti in his paintings.

He had an extremely modest childhood in Recife, in the north of Brazil. Living with eight brothers and sisters in a slum wasn’t easy so he created a cheerful and colourful fantasy world to escape to. His imagery, with brilliant colours and harmonious shapes, radiates pure happiness.

Small flying hearts, colourful characters, naïve motifs: welcome to the world of Romero Britto. Inspired by the things that make you happy, has no more pretensions than that: bringing hope and happiness through each of his pieces, and his universal message goes very well since it is exposed all over the world , from the United States to China, passing, of course, by Brazil, his homeland.

Cubism and Pop Art

The artwork by Romero Britto is the synthesis of these two streams. When you see his portraits of women and his still lifes, their very geometric composition, the angles and strange curves of their bodies, it’s hard not to think of the cubist masters of the early 20th century.

However he puts his personal touch with shimmering colours, energetic lines, childish motifs… more in the line of American pop artists like Keith Haring or Roy Lichtenstein.

His colourful style has been very appreciated in the advertising world. Brands like Absolut VodkaDisneyCoca-Cola or even Audi have asked Romero Britto to create limited and exclusive editions for their products, a perfect mix between art and branding.

Romero Britto Original Paintings

  • Swiss Cheese (2003) painting by Romero BrittoOut of stock
  • The Tulip (2004) painting by Romero Britto